Badge design

There are a few things to keep in mind when designing id badges for your employees. While the design of something as simple as a badge may seem unimportant, designing the appropriate id cards and name tags does influence how your team interacts with customers and between themselves. Consider the following tips when designing your new badges.

Who are these badges for?

Different businesses have different needs of their employees, and this is reflected in how you design name tags and related materials. While a sleek metal badge may be appropriate for a bank manager. It might seem out of place at a mom and pop restaurant. You want to present a cohesive image of your brand and keep this image consistent across all of your materials.

What’s your budget?

The complexity of your badge system is goingcto be correlated with the price. For this you need to consider what needs you have for your business and what features you should be paying for. There is no need to shell out for a fancy key card access system if all of your employees come in at the same time, and there’s only one entrance. An ice cream shop would be an inappropriate place to install such a complicated system, when you likely could get by with cheap name badges and giving the managers keys to thd shop. However, if you are in need of complex security controls and the ability to change levels of access to different locations, it would be appropriate to purchase a more complicated system. There are solutions available at every price point, ranging from a simple badge maker and laminator to a complex key card system that can monitor employee entry/exit and perform time management functions.

Keep it simple

This applies to the design of the badge, and the complexity of the system that you decide to use. Think of the sleek design of Apple products, for instance. They have nailed the sleek and minimal look, to great commercial success. Your badge should convey the necessary information and nothing else. For the basic shopkeeper, you can most likely get by with a name tag without any special functions. Think deeply about what adds value to your business, and if there is a more frugal option. While you certainly get what you pay for, be sure that your business dollars are being put to an appropriate use.

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